All levels of skill catered for !

  • Open Season: mid March to mid September
  • Fly-Fishing: The ‘Gave d’Oloron’ is an exceptional place in France to fish for large brown trout using a dry fly. Observation, patience and perseverance are, as always, the keys to success. The clarity of the water offers a great opportunity to fish with nymphs, and wet flies are also very successful in certain areas.
  • Fishing with other bait: In the Pyrénées, the tradition is to fish “au toc”, which is using natural bait such as maggots or worms but without a float. Made popular by the “big” fishing names here, it has become very popular. When the large brown trout are seen about and you are fishing “au toc”, observation, subtlety and patience are the watchwords.
  • Fishing Areas: There are a few sections of the rivers are labelled « no-kill », where it is possible to fish, but the fish must be returned unharmed and also « coins de pêche » where it is encouraged for you to fish, as these are popular places for fish to be found.
  • Fishing Permits: Permits are available for 15 days (permis vacances) or by the day or for the whole season.