Béarn and Basque country rivers “the Gaves”

  • The Gave d’Oloron is a mostly fast flowing typical calcium rich river that allows the trout in it to grow at an exceptional rate. An excellent destination for migrating fish, it shelters a population of salmon, sea trout and shad, which makes this river one of the most prized rivers to fish in France.
  • Le Saison or Gave de Mauléon, largest tributary of the Gave d’Oloron, it cuts right through the Basque country. A medium sized river from the Pyrénéen foothills, it’s slower flow is ideal for catching brown trout on natural bait and also perfect places to practice two-handed fly fishing for salmon. It has plenty of rapids and wild corners perfect to practice fly fishing.
  • Les Gaves d’Aspe et d’Ossau, with their crystal clear waters and torrents, these rivers are the ‘nurseries’ of this region for trout. Numerous but very wild and difficult to catch, they are a true challenge even for well seasoned anglers.
  • Lourdios, Vert and a number of other small rivers also produce good catches of trout for those that know how to ! Watching the level of the water and weather conditions are often vital to your success on these rivers.